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Q^!W> 'Vl^N, dvAcw 


We, tlif Graduating Class of 1955, being 
the last class to attend the Edward F. Searles 
Ilii*h School, dedicate The Torch of to the 

memory of our sophomore days in 

"The Old High School" 

Tits 'faculty 

Back: Leonard Rushton, Biolcgy, Economics, Com- 
mercial Law; Guido Vallerio, Physics, Chemistry; 
Maurice Dechenes, Algebra. 

Front: Salvatore Rapisarda, Mathematics, Science; 
Catherine Harrington, Biology; Marjorie Sherman, 
Algebra; Alfred N. Law, Algebra. 

W. Earl Lister, Submaster, Science, Chemistry; 
Dorothea T. Allen, Dean of Girls, English; Urville 
J. Beaumont, Principal; W. Beverly Ingalls, Guid- 
ance Director. 

Back: John Hannigan, History; Catherine Cole, 
W. Geography; Typing, Bookkeeping; Ethel Lord, 
English, Typing, Office Practice; Elizabeth Smith, 
History, English. 

Rose Danielian, History, Bus. Training; Carrie 
Lyman, Bookkeeping; Kathleen Doran, English, 
Shorthand; Helen Southworth, History. 

Back: Clarence A. Elwell, Latin, Commercial Law; Frances Richardson, English; 
Alice Coulson, English; Agnes Brouder, Latin, English; Martha D. Lange, English; 
William Piccerillo, Italian, Science. 

Front: Evelyn L. Rushton, English; Margaret McDermott, French; Ethel L. Broad- 
bent, French, Dev. of Democracy; Ruth E. Wright, French, History; Agnes McDer- 
mott, English. 

Back: Edward Comtois, Glee Club; Harold McDonnell, Bandmaster; Paul Leslie, 
Ind. Arts; John G. Barry, Boys' Phys. Ed.; Ernest Ramsbotham, Driver Ed.; Donald 
Smith, U.S.A.R. Cadet Instructor. 

Front: Joseph Melia, Art; Evelyn Gammons, Secretary; Mary Brouder, Home Ec- 
onomics; Hazel Hadfield, Orchestra Leader; Arthur R. Nicholson, Mech. Drawing. 

Glass Poem 

Our high school days we leave behind, 
Our future conquests clear in mind. 
The plans we've made we must fulfill, 
Though clouds of war may threaten still. 

The wealth we have is what we've learned, 
The strength we show cannot he spurned. 
When we conquer self, and our hattle's won, 
Our task in life is then well done. 

We trust in God to show the way, 
To lead us through each night and day, 
And though the path be rough and steep, 
We'll reach our goal; our faith we'll keep. 



Wonis by Eleanor DiLavore f^usic by T^ilcJred H*.yk>l 



v — i 

-5$ — e- 

Oor sbl[3 - of |i|e 
In God - our +rujf- will ev 


4 Y ■ B — I — g 

will soon- ar 'rive To T»>V5 - Tni«, Class- of - "t> 
be To §uide- US on- <5oc cess - ful 


nyf fHTf i [E | :jTTi,]TT|jf 

# »««r "3 



■ 1 

> * 



H + 

• — 

~p 1 

— 4 

— & 

1 « 


U, 1 

— r — : — • L 

fi r 

vwe Serine — 

dear Ten - 


i | z, — t 


• ■ 

i« jt el 






4 .fl «l 





vuctk -fer- 
Our I «v« 


3<3»l - 
-for- Ttee - 

✓til nc - 

our s.5 J •*/e'll Sc«l^- T Con- (jjlic'" 
W j ft«<< 'thouvJL- our shita S6<l& 

» — ► 

\ 4- 

t'v<r ~ 



If - oW «k 11 - 

To se* • 

Rnol an- swc/- lift's- im ber - ious c«" 
Cur tkou^Uts- will e Ve - <*£ Turn- To Tkee 

1 ' C 1 I ' 1 I 

7lte /955 Ifealboek gta^ 


Rear, left to right: W. Earl Lister, Adviser; Marlene Nazarian, Business; Patricia 
Morris, Picture; Sheila Allard, Art. 

Front, Eve Leofr, Ass*t Editor; Bob Carter, Editor; Mildred Haykal, Ass't Editor. 


"Blessed is he who invented sleep. " 

Ray is a very shy lad, but once you get to know him, you will 
find him to be the life of the party. He is not the most serious 
student in the school, but is one of the most likeable. Best of 
luck in the future, Ray. 


"There is humor in everything." 

Senior Play Committee Various Committees 

Dick is a curly haired lad with a wonderful sense of humor. 
He is a very serious student, but no matter how serious he may 
be, he is never without a smile for all. We are sure that 
success will be yours, Dick. 


"People have more fun than anybody." 

Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2, Vice President 

Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Girls' and Boys' A. A. 

Glee Club 3, 4 
Year Book Staff 
Senior Play Committee 

Various Committees 
P. T. S. A. 3, 4 
Blue and White 4 
Student Exchange 
Football Queen 

"Satch" needs no introduction to her classmates. A contagious 
spirit of friendliness and an animated disposition characterize 
Sheila. Loads of luck to a future M. H. S. teacher. 


"Trouble never troubles him." 
Band 1, 2, 3, 4 P. T. S. A. 3, 4 

Basketball 1, 2 Various Committees 

Gene is fortunate to possess such a wonderful sense of humor. 
He can always be counted on for a sharp-witted remark. With 
his training as a businessman in his father's record shop and his 
friend-winning ways, we are sure that he will be successful in his 
chosen career. 


"Life is just a bowl of cherries." 

Senior Play Various Committees 

Walter is known by all his classmates as the tall, redheaded, 
freckled-faced lad, with a love for popular music. His splendid 
performance in the senior play will never be forgotten. Best of 
luck to a disc jockey hopeful. 


"Wit and charm has she." 

Italian Club 4 Glee Club 3 

Rosalie as a happy, carefree girl who is always ready and 
willing to lend a helping hand. With your peppy personality 
you are sure to be a success. Good luck for a bright future, 


"He may be quiet, but loo\ again." 

Cadets 2 Senior Play Committee 

Art is one of the more reserved members of our class. His 
pleasing manner and disposition make him a very easy person 
to get along with. The best of luck to you, Art. 


"Earnest and diligent — success is his." 

Cadets 2 

Jimmy, one of our quieter senior boys, spends all of his spare 
time on his hobby, radios. His friendly manner makes him well- 
liked by all of his classmates. Best of luck in the future, Jim. 


"A pleasant smile, a winning way. 
Success is sure to come her way." 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 Various Committees 

Year Book Staff Senior Play Committee 

P. T. S. A. 3, 4 Y-Teens 4 

Behind Audrey's quiet and reserved manner, we find a bundle 
of energy ready for fun. She is one of the most ardent supporters 
of our school activities. Best of luck to a future nurse. 


"Petite in size — great in mind, 
A sweeter girl you'll never find." 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 Various Committees 

Commencement Usherette 3 Year Book Staff 

Senior Play Treasurer of Honor Society 4 

Blue and White 4 Y-Teens 2 

A sweet miss with a sparkling smile describes Mary Ann. She 
is known for her jolly disposition and teasing ways. Mary Ann 
will certainly be an asset to the nursing profession. Lots of luck, 
Mary Ann. 


"^,uiet, yet not so quiet." 

Glee Club 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 

Jan is a petite girl, who takes her work seriously. She's rather 
shy, but once you get to know her, you realize that her friend- 
liness is overwhelming. May the future hold only happiness for 
you, Jan. 


"Silence is Golden." 

A friendly girl with a pleasing smile describes Marion. She 
is always ready to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Here's 
wishing her success in the future, and knowing her, she'll have 
nothing but success. 


"What's life without a smile?" 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 Various Committees 

Student Council 4 Year Book Staff 

Glee Club 3, 4 

Phyllis is anything but quiet. There is always a look of 
mischief in her eyes, and you can be sure that there is a 
reason behind it. Keep that smile, pep, and wonderful sense of 
humor, Phyllis, and you will reach the top. 


"A light heart lives long." 

Football 1 Various Committees 

Basketball 2 Baseball 3 

Glee Club, Vice President 4 

Bill is a happy-go-lucky guy. You always see him laughing! 
When the 1:30 bell rings, you can be sure that Bill is the 
first one out the door. He's popular and a neat dresser. Good 
luck in the future, Bill. 


"Sweet and neat." 

Senior Play Committee Year Book Staff 

Various Committees Glee Club 3 

Joan always has a friendly "Hi" for those she knows. Her 

neat appearance and sparkling eyes rate a second glance. She 

is smiling all the time, and above all else, she's courteous and 
helpful. Best of luck, Joan. 


"She'll sing her way through life" 

Various Committees Senior Play 

Glee Qub 3, 4 Y-Teens 2, 3 

Janet's many friends can attest to her fun-loving ways. Her 
main interest at the present time lies in music. May success 
always be yours, Janet. 


"Ltf(ed by all who know her." 

Glee Club 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 

Jackie's pleasant smile has made her many friends. She is 
always prepared to greet you with a merry "Hello". May the 
future hold success for you, Jackie. 


"Light of heart, gay of spirits." 

Glee Club 3, 4 

Connie's pretty red hair and cheerful smile have made her 
well'liked by all. Her lively sense of humor has been an asset 
to Tenney. Best of luck, Connie, in your chosen career. 


"Beauty and brains go well together." 

Senior Play Blue and White 4 

Yearbook Staff Various Committees 

Honor Society 4 Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

A pretty girl with a matching personality, Jean is an asset to 
our class. Her friendly smile is seen by many from behind a cash 
register in the cafeteria. Her ability to get along with people 
will help her in her chosen career, nursing. Lots of luck in the 
future, Jean. 


"Her eyes sparkle with merriment." 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 Various Committees 

Yearbook Staff Senior Play 

"Clyde's" winning smile and personality have won her a host 
of friends. Her happiness knows no end. T. H. S. will always 
remember her cute dimples. Keep smiling "Clyde", and the 
world is sure to smile back. 

"Stand b 

Editor of Year Book 
Senior Play Committee 


', a mighty man is passing. 

Orchestra 1, 3, 4 
Various Committees 

Bob is a great asset to our school with his fine trumpet playing. 
He is a very serious-minded person, but has a fine sense of humor. 
His willingness to work plus his tendency to put the best into 
life arc certain to reap a harvest abundantly rich. 


"Good lucl{ befriend thee." 

Italian Club 2 

Y-Teens 4 

From outward appearances, Angie seems quiet; but once you 
get to know her, you find her to be overflowing with fun. Keep 
your winnnig ways, and we feel certain that success and happi- 
ness will be yours. 


"This life is most jolly. " 

Shirley is gay and light-hearted, taking thinks as they come. 
She is the kind of a girl that makes friends easily. Shirley's 
future work is going to be one of domesticity. Best of luck, 


"Something to thin\ about. 

Football 1, 2, 3, 4 
Various Committees 
Basketball 1 

Orchestra 1 
Band 1 
Glee Club 3, 4 

Leo is a boy whose dark good looks have occasioned many an 
admiring feminine glance. Although he takes his studies seriously, 
he can always be counted on to join in the fun. If you maintain 
this matchless balance of humor and seriousness, Leo, you will 
find that the road of life will lie smooth and straight before you. 


"Laugh and the world laughs with you." 
Various Committees Yea 

Glee Club 3, 4 

Book Staff 
Blue and White 4 

Elaine's sociability and love of a good time account for her 
popularity among us. She's neat in appearance and can't help 
but be a success in all her future endeavors. Lots of luck in the 
future, Elaine. 


"Toothing ever worries him." 

Dave is a happy fellow, who, along with his cheerful ways, 
has a friendly "Hi" for everyone. His humor brightens up many 
a dull class, especially English. He is sure to succeed in whatever 
line of work he chooses. 


"A sweeter girl you will never find." 

Italian Club 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 

Glee Club 1 

Nancy is a petite miss with a sparkling personality. She is 
neat and well dressed, and her friendly ways are liked by all. 
Your charming ways will certainly prove to be an asset in your 
chosen career. 


"A gleam in her eyes and a smile on her lips. 
Glee Club 1, 3 

A friendly smile and a happy "Hi" greet all who meet Pat. 
She is quick with her sympathy and ready with a helping hand — 
a truly loyal friend. May success be your in the future, Pat. 


"Let a smile be your umbrella. ' 

Various Committees 
Year Book Staff 
Blue and White 4 

Irene's pleasant disposition and friendly smile has won and 
will win her many friends. Her democratic ways have made her 
an asset to our class. Irene's talkativeness has added pep to many 
a conversation. We are sure that you will more than succeed, 


"Good natured, pleasant and itinmng. " 

Girls* and Boys* A. A. 3 Italian Club 

Glee Club 1 

Although Connie is one of the quieter members of the class, 
she is very friendly and likeable. Her quiet manner and warm 
smile make her a very pleasant person to know. May happiness 
and good luck follow you wherever you go, Connie. 

Band I, 2, 3, 4 
Senior Play 


"Whatever the- hour, he'll never loo\ sour." 
Cadets 2, 3 

Clyde is one of our most carefree and happy-go-lucky class- 
mates. His pranks and witty remarks are well-known throughout 
the school. Clyde, with your sparkling personality and wonder- 
ful gift of gab, you are bound to succeed. 


"Clod, deadwood. atrophied brain cells 
Dead to wonder and delight 

Italian Club 3, 4 Senior Play 

Chris possesses a radiant smile that lets everyone know that she 
is a happy-go-lucky lass with lots of pep. We musn't forget to 
mention the terrific performance she turned out as "Aunt Kyle" 
in our Senior Play. Her friendliness, sincerity, and merry good 
humor will carry her far on the road to success. Best of luck, 


"He will have laughter wherever he goes." 

Football 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 

Cadets 2, 3: Officer 4 

Bill is a senior who will be remembered as mischievous and fun- 
loving. Although his favorite pastimes are playing Chop-sticks 
on the piano and teasing his classmates, Bill has a serious side — 
but few have ever seen it! Best of luck in whatever you attempt. 


'A poet is born, not made." 

Cheerleader 1 Blue and White 4 

Year Book Staff Senior Play Committee 

Italian Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3 Various Committees 
Secretary of Honor Society 4 

Ellic is a petite, well-dressed miss whose creative abilities have 
won her the honor of being our class poet. Although she ranks 
high scholastically, her lively sense of humor prevents her from 
being serious for too long a period of time. Best of luck in the 
years to come, Ellic. 


"Twinkling eyes that light her way." 

Girls' and Boys" A. A. 3 Glee Club 3 

Majorettes 3 Senior Play Committee 

Various Committees 

Maureen is an elfish girl whose original ejaculations have en- 
deared her to her many friends. She works conscientiously at 
any task whiih is set before her. I'm sure the future hold the 
realization of all your dreams, Maureen. 


"Gay and lively always." 

Glee Club 1, 3 Cheerleader 1 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 Various Committees 

Anne is an energetic miss who is constantly in motion. Her 
exuberance is refreshing and her gaiety contagious. You are 
bound to be successful in whatever you do, Anne. 


"Flitting here, flitting there." 

Blue and White 4 (Co-Editor) 
Girls' and Boys' A. A. 2 
Honor Society 

Year Book Staff 
Senior Play 
Magazine Drive Manager 1 

Corrine is, without a doubt, one of the most capable of our 
class. As an actress she has proven herself tops, and much 
credit goes to her for making the "Blue and White" a success. 
May your future always be bright, Corrine. 


"Tenshun, you all." 
Football 1 Track 4 

Cadets 2, 3, Col. 4 Glee Club 1 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 Various Committees 

Bob is a young man who is likely to show up where you least 
expect him. He is noted for doing and saying the unusual. With 
your cheerful ways, Bob, we feel certain that you will be a 
success in all you undertake. 


"Softly spea\ and sweetly smile." 

Glee Club 3, 4 Commencement Usherette 3 

Diane makes a neat appearance and is well-liked by all her 
classmates. Although she is quiet, she knows how to have fun 
at the right times. Dianne's ladylike ways have won her popu- 
larity at Tenney, and we feel sure that she will succeed in the 


"Faint heart never won /air lady." 
Golf 2 Class President 4 

Year Book Staff Senior Play Committee 

P. T. S. A. Historian 3, 4 Honor Society 4 

Student Exchange 4 Various Committees 

As president of our Senior class, Jim has worked hard. How- 
ever, there was always a little time off for play. His drive and 
ambition have aided his school and will surely bring success 
to him in the future. 


"A little wor\. a little play." 

Track 2, 3, 4 Cadets 2 

Most people think of Frank as quiet, but those who know him 
will say that it isn't so. His quietness often gives way to his 
wonderful sense of humor. We feel sure that his quiet and 
friendly manner will bring him success. 


"With a song in his heart, and a smile on his lips." 

Talent Show 3, 4 Year Book Staff 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 Various Committees 

Cadets 3, Officer 4 

"Tex" is as friendly as the songs that he sings. In the short 
time he has been at Tenney, he has become known to many people 
as a wonderful fellow, as well as singer. Keep singing, Lennie, 
and you'll never run out of friends. 


"The uwld is made for fun and frolic." 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 Italian Club 3, 4 

Ellen is one of the happiest girls you would ever want to 
know. Her terrific sense of humor and smile have been a real 
asset to Tenney High. May success be yours, Ellen. 


"Full of ambition, she's sure to succeed. 
She has the intelligence that she u»ill need." 

Student Council 3, Recording Secretary 4 Blue and White 4 

Year Book Staff Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

Senior Play Committee Italian Club 3, 4, Rec. Sec'y 3 

Girls' State 3 P. T. S. A. 3 

Various Committees Honor Society 4 

Commencement Usherette 3 

Here is a gal that everyone knows. Her nice way with people 
and her friendly smile have made her one of the most popular 
girls in the school. Best of luck in all that you do in the future, 



"And then there was dancing." 

Glcc Club 4 Blue and White 4 

Year Book Staff Commencement Usherette 3 

Italian Club 3, 4, Program Chairman 3, Treasurer 4 
Y-Teens 2, 3 

Harllcy is a real pert and peppy gal whom everyone know. 
She is one of those individuals who is a friend to everyone she 
meets. With your pleasant ways, success is not far distant, Harlcy. 


"What's life without a smile. 7 

Glee Club 3, 4 Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

Italian Club 2, 3 Y-Teens 2, 3 

At first glance, Gloria seems like a very quiet and serious' 
minded girl. Though she is very serious-minded in her school 
work, she knows how to have fun, and is a friend to all. Best 
of luck in the future, Gloria. 


"She's pretty to wal){ with and witty to tall{ with.'' 

Glee Club 3, 4 

A carefree attitude and genial nature have made our acquain- 
tance with Carol a pleasure. She little realizes how much she 
brightens life for those around her with her gay, light laugh and 
warm smile. Lots of luck in the future. Carol. 


"That eager. ^nou'Iedge-see^ing lad." 

Baseball 1 Basketball 1 

Claude is easy going and well-liked by all. His intelligence, 
keen sense of humor, and versatility will carry him to the top- 
most rung of the ladder of success. Best of luck to you in all 
your endeavors, Claude. 


"Sifeet and lovely." 

Glee Club 1, 3, 4 Italian Club 2, 3 

Senior Play Committee 

Good looks, a charming personality, and a sweet smile describe 
Irene. She is one of the girls who really brightens the corridors 
of M. H. S. We except great things of you, Irene! 


"She is carefree and gay every dcy. ' 

Barbara possesses a fun-loving, vivacious nature and a warm 
smile. Do you enjoy listening to long, detailed stories? "Gilli" 
seems to have a tale appropriate for every occasion. Best of 
luck to this loquacious spinner of lively tales! 


"Toothing is so popular as goodness." 

Student Council 3, President 4 Cheerleader \ 

Year Book Staff Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

Senior Plav Good Citizenshio Award 2 
Girls' State Alternate 3 Student Government Day Rep. 4 

P. T. S. A. 3, Secretary 4 Various Committees 

Honor Society 4 Student Exchange 4 

Commencement Usherette 3 Y-Teens 2, 3 

Sandy is about the most all-round girl in our class. She has 
many close friends, a high scholastic rating, and is wonderful to 
work with. Her success and happiness in the future is assured. 


"Personality is to a woman as scent is to a flower." 

Basketball 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 3 

Blue and White 4 Girls' and Boys' A. A. 2, 3 

Italian Club 4 Softball 1 
Various Committees 

Dot has been very active in sports, especially basketball, 
throughout her high school days. Her contagious gaiety has won 
her many friends. May your happiness last forever, Dot. 


"Laugh and the world laughs with you." 

Senior Play Orchestra 1 

Various Committees 

Where there's Danny, there's laughter. His spontaneous wit is 
the source of much amusement, yet beneath this outer layer of 
joviality is sincerity. May you achieve all that you attempt, Danny. 


"I will have them sweet and petite." 

Baseball 1 Cadets 2, 3 

Blue and White 4 Senior Play 

Color Guards 3 Various Committees 

Jackie is a good-looking, good-natured senior, who is well- 
liked by all his classmates. No one will ever forget the nerve 
shattering cough of his "Ooga" horn. The very best in the 
future, Jackie. 


"She loves the li/e she lives." 

Glee Club 3, 4 Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

Various Committees 

Bernie's good nature and her friendly ways are well-known 
by all. Her many fine qualities will make her a sure success. 
Good luck, Bernie, 


"A mixture of music and mischief . 
Class Secretary 4 Good Citizenship Award 4 

Talent Show 3, 4 P. T. S. A. 3, 4 

Glee Club 1, 3, 4 Various Committees 

Blue and White 4 Honor Society 4 

Year Book Staff (Assistant Editor) Commencement Usherette 3 
Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, President 4 

Senior Play Committee Magazine Drive Manager 1 

Have you ever noticed the impish twinkle in Millie's eyes while 
she is playing those piano roll boogies? It is very seldom that 
this popular, intelligent, and versatile girl isn't smiling. May 
happiness and success be yours, Millie. 


"A smile on her hps, a twinkle in her eyes." 
Glee Club 1, 3 Year Book Staff 

Commencement Usherette 3 Various Committees 

Senior Play Committee 

Joyce's sunny smile, cheerful ways, and her bright outlook on 
life make her a delightful person to know. Her friendship is to be 
cherished. May the future bring the fruition of all your ambitions, 


"Alu>avs friendly, delightfully gay. 
She has. it's no doubt, a queenly way." 
Basketball 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 

Student Council 3, Treasurer 4 Good Citizenship Award 3 
Cheerleader 3, 4 Various Committees 

Year Book Staff Magazine Drive Manager 4 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 2, 3 Commencement Usherette 3 

Carole's popularity is well-deserved. Her neat appearance, 
sweet smile, and helpful, happy ways endear her to all. No 
matter how busy she is with numerous activities, our class queen 
finds the time to greet her classmates with a friendly "Hi". 
Always stay as nice as you are, "Hoytie", and may the best 
be yours. 


", sweet, and can't be beat." 

P. T. S. A. 3 

Sparkling and good-humored, Cynthia's company is always 
welcomed by her classmates. Her diligence as a student is sure 
to be rewarded. A cheerful appearance and considerate ways 
have inevitably earned her popularity. With these admirable 
assets, "Cindy" will certainly see the realization of all her dreams. 


"Where to find his equal would be hard to tell." 
Senior Play Committee Football 1, 2, 3, 4 

Boys' State Delegate 3 Basketball 1 

Haldane Trophy Class Vice-President 4 

Various Committees Blue and White 4 

Year Book Staff 

Popularity among his classmates and his scholastic standing are 
indicative of his future success. Any of the students that were 
associated with "Pete", in classes or on committees, will agree 
that his fine mind brought forth many worth-while ideas. His 
athletic prowess and friendly disposition team up to complete the 
picture of our class hero. 




"Mischief is her delight, laughter her goal." 

Class Secretary 3 Student Council 2 

Year Book Staff Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

Senior Play Committee Italian Club 3, President 4 

Various Committees Y-Teens 2 

Bright eyes sparkling, gay laughter tinkling — that describes 
"Jess". Her vivacious ways win her new friends each dav, and 
her sense of humor will surly bring happiness and joy to all who 
ever have the pleasure of knowing her. Best of luck to a great 


"Success is won by honest toil." 

Senior Play Committee Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 

Various Committees 

An active participant in sports and an honest toiler, Marilyn 
is a much appreciated figure in school and community life. She 
tackles her duties with a never-fading cheerfulness. These 
favorable traits, we are sure, will benefit you in your chosen 
careen, Mai. 


"A man's best friend is his horse." 

Senior Play 

Tall, cute, and naturally quiet, Dick's close friends know that 
there is a subtle humor beneath his sober manner. His keen 
sportsmanship and consideration for others will profit him in the 
future. Good luck to a lad who deserves the most to say the 


"A merrv heart for all the day." 

Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4 Glee Club 3 

Cheerleader 1 Majorette 2, 3 

Blue and White 4 Year Book Staff 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 2, 3 Various Committees 

Gail made an exceptional captain of our girls' basketball team 
this year. She is a happy-go-lucky gal with many friends. We 
wish you the best of luck in future undertakings. 


"Just be natural, you're naturally nice." 

Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Blue and White 4 

Year Book Staff Senior Play Stage Manager 

Honor Society 4, President Commencement Usherette 3 

Y-Teens 2 Various Committees 

For a person who is supposed to be "most serious", Betty has 
her share of fun. She did a magnificent job as president of the 
newly-organized Honor Society. Thus you can see, she's pleasant, 
ambitious, and intelligent. Possessing these fine qualities, she 
most certainly will be successful in the future. 


"Ready and willing to lend a helping hand. 

Cadets 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 

Year Book Staff 

"Buddy", as he is called by his classmates, has a word, a way, 
and a winning smile that are admired by all who know him. May 
success be yours in whatever you undertake. 


"Let tomorrow taJ^e care of itself." 

Don't let Bobby's "babyface" deceive you; for whenever there's 
any mischief, he is bound to be at the bottom of it. He will 
always be rememebered for hs fun-lovng and carefree manner. 
Best of luck to you always, Bob. 


"Everyone's friend." 

Cadets 2 

Al is one of the smarter students in the senior class. His 
willingness to cooperate and his warm smile have won him many 
friends. Keep these qualities, Al, and you are assured success. 


"Happy am 1; from care I am free." 

Let us introduce you to "Pat", a popular member of the class 
of *S5. Her pleasing personality and nice ways have won her 
many friends both in and out of school. Pat is a fine companion, 
and we hope that her future will be as nice as she is. 


"Fun and laughter are everywhere." 

Baseball 2, 3, 4 Glee Club J, 4 

Various Committees Class Vice-President 3 

Andy is one of the most popular boys in our class. There's 
always a look of mischief in his eyes, and you can always be sure 
that he has a reason for it. Keep smiling, Andy, and we know 
you'll get along in whatever you do. 


"Fun-loving and fancyfree." 
Track 2, 3 Senior Play 

Blue and White 4 Various Committees 

Cadets 2, Major 4 

Although he portrayed the bashful football player "Buck" in 
the Senior Play, Milt is far from being quiet. Whenever he 
is near, there is never a dull moment. His willingness to help 
others and his ready smile have won him many friends. We 
want to wish you the best of luck in the future, Milt, for you 
deserve it. 


"Ambition and \nowledge are the \eys to success." 

Commencement Usherette 3 Cheerleader 1 

Y-Teens 2 Blue and White 4 

Various Committees Year Book Staff (Assistant Editor) 

Senior Play Committee Italian Club 3 
Honor Society 4 

Eve is a fun-loving, sociable gal with many, many friends. She 
has a rare combination of brains and wit, with a sense of humor 
that cannot be topped. Her chosen field is English, and we are 
sure that she will be a great success. 


"A winning way, a pleasant smile. 
Dressed so neat, and quite in style." 

Year Book Staff Senior Play Committee 

Y-Teens 3, Vice-President 4 

Jane, one of our seemingly quiet seniors, always manages to 
have her share of fun. Quietness has proved to be an asset to 
her, winning her many true friends. May you find success just 
around the corner, Jane. 


"Happy and gay. she goes on her way." 

Basketball 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 3 

Blue and White 4 
Girls' and Boys' A. A. 2, 3 
Honor Society 4 
Various Committees. 

Year Book Staff 
Senior Play Committee 
Commencement Usherette 3 

Judy is a very sociable girl with a winning smile and a host 
of friends. She has thoroughly enjoyed her high school years, 
being either serious or witty, as the occasion demanded. We wish 
you loads of success in all your ventures, Judy. 


"Let swing be l(ing." 

Glee Club 3, 4 Band 1. 2 

Various Committees 

Jerry is a carefree fellow with lots of friends. He gets a 
great kick out of life and is always ready to laugh. His ability 
to jest has always made him popular. Good luck in the future, 
"Merry Jambro". 


"Mischief spar\les in her eyes." 

"Cookie" is a girl whose great sense of humor has brightened 
many a dreary day. Her ability to get along with others is 
characterized by her love of a good time. Her witty remarks 
have done much to win her a host of friends. Lots of luck in 
whatever you do in the future, "Cookie." 


"Happy am 1. from care I am free. 
Why aren't they all contented IiJ(e me.'" 

Cheerleader 4 Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

Various Committees 

Alice's bubbling personality and pep have made her one of 
the more popular girls at Methuen, and also an excellent cheer- 
leader. Her happy chatter and laughter in the corridors will be 
hard to forget. The best of luck in all you do, "Al". You 
deserve it. 


"Charms stride the sight and merit wins the soul." 

Blue and White 4 (Co-Editor) 

Year Book Staff 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

Senior Play 4 

Honor Society 4 

Y-Teens 2, 3 
Commencement Usherette 3 
Various Committees 
P. T. S. A. 3 

Marie is one of the most ambitious girls in our senior class. 
Her sociable ways have always made her many friends. Tops 
in all her studies. "Maxie" is one of the rare few who excel 
in math. We wish you all the luck in the world in your chosen 
career, Marie. Your ability and drive will take you far. 


"She is fair to see and sweet." 

Majorette 2, 3. 4 Blue and White 4 

Year Book Staff Girls' and Boys A. A. 3 

Senior Play Committee Various Committees 

A sweet smile and a cheery word introduce us to Connie. She 
certainly brightens the football field when she begins to strut 
and twirl! Active in all school affairs, Connie also maintains a 
high scholastic average. Lucky are the children who'll have Miss 
McAndrew for teacher! 


"A talented boy with a paint brush." 

Cadet Sergeant 2, 3 Various Committees 

Bob's skill has brightened our gym on more than one occasion. 
A man of few words, he is, nevertheless, capable of coming up 
with a witty retort. His greatest interest lies in the field of 
mechanics. Best of luck, Bob. We're sure you'll make a good one. 


"An excellent medley of seriousness and fun." 

Baseball 1 Basketball 1. 2 

Cadets 2 Various Committees 

Jack is one of the nicest-looking boys in our class. Sincere 
friendliness and a desire to please characterize this easy-going lad. 
Under that calm exterior, however, lies a driving determination 
to succeed. The best always, Jack. 


"Always a happy person." 

Cadets 2, 3, Officer 4 Year Book Staff 

Various Committees 

Art, our disc jockey, is a boy whom we will all remember in 
the role of playing the hit songs at our dances. His blond hair 
and sparkling eyes are just some of his many assets. Lots of 
luck to a deserving fellow. 


"I haven't got a care in the world." 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 Glee Club 3 

Barbara is one of the most carefree students in our class. Her 
personality and bright smile appeal to everyone. Barb is also 
lucky in possessing a keen sense of humor and a ready laugh. If 
you know her, you can't help but like her. 


"Prettv, personable, and popular." 

Various Committees 

New Jersey's loss has been our gain. In the short time that 
Marie has been in Methuen, she has a host of friends. A happy 
future is assured this likeable miss. 


"A friend worth having." 

Baseball 3 Talent Show 3. 4 

Fortunate is the person who is counted among Bob's friends. 
A quiet boy, nevertheless he makes us all sit up and take notice 
when he starts strumming that guitar. Anyone who can entertain 
and make others happy as you can, Bob, will never lack friends. 


"Happy and gay is she." 

Glee Club 3 Senior Play Committee 

Various Committees 

"Glo" is a girl who has a smile for everyone. Her friendly 
disposition has gained for her the well-deserved popularity she 
can claim. Never change "Glo", and a happy future will be yours. 


"Looi{s, neatness, and personality." 

Various Committees 

Dick is one of the most popular boys in our class. His ready 
laughter and warm smile have made him a hit with all his 
classmates. His excellent personality and neat appearance will, 
no doubt, make him successful in life. 


"Full of fun. full of life." 

Basketball 2 Glee Club 4 

Blue and White 4 Year Book Staff 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 2, 3 Senior Play 

Commencement Usherette 3 Various Committees 

Patti, with her good looks, ability, and charm, is a real asset 
to the class of "55. Loyal and hard-working, yet bubbling with 
merriment and mischief, here is a girl of whom the world will 
take note. Never lose these lovable qualities, Patti, and life will 
smile on you. 


"It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." 

Glee Club 3 Various Committees 

Carol's friendly manner and sweet disposition have won her 
many friends. Her infectious laugh adds a gay note to any 
gathering. Our wishes for a bright future are yours, Carol. 


"With never a care in the world." 

Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Various Committees 

"Mike" is unassuming and unaffected, but no one could help 
but notice his friendly disposition. He gets a great kick out of 
life and is always ready to laugh. May the future hold success 
for you, "Mike". 


"The world is so full of pleasant things." 

Y-Teens 4 Year Book Staff 

Glee Club I, 1, 4 Girls* and Boys* A. A. 3 

Various Committees 

Marlene can be described as a dark-haired girl with a fascin- 
ating smile. This, combined with a neat appearance and warm 
manner, make her a very pleasant person to know. Marlene has 
all the necessary qualities for a very fine future. 


"Wittv. livelv. and full of fun." 

A toss of her long, silky hair, a devilish glance from her eye, 
and "Babe" again has uttered that just-right remark which 
occasions gales of appreciative laughter. This ability to say the 
clever phrase, coupled with her better-than-average looks, make 
Kathy one of the more popular seniors. We'll never forget you, 
"Babe". Good luck! 


"A man of a few words is he." 

Cadets 2 

Jake is an unassuming, quiet fellow, who is well-liked by all 
his classmates. These qualities, coupled with sincerity and deter- 
mination to succeed assure him a rewarding future. 


"Sugar and spice and everything nice." 

Glee Club 1, 3 Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

Various Committees 

Winning ways and a friendly attitude make "Sonnie" a girl 
worth knowing. Her cheery smile has won her many friends and 
will continue to do so. We wish you all the luck and happiness 
you truly deserve, Sonya. 


"Jan mav seem quiet to you. 
But as\ her fnends if this is true." 

Italian Club 3, 4 Vanous Committees 

Y -Teens 2 Year Book Stan 

Jan is a sweet miss with personality plus. Her cheerful ways 
and pleasant smile will not easily be forgotten. Jan plans to 
enter the field of nursing after graduation and. needless to say. 
she is sure to be a huge success. 


"Laughing eyes reflect a cheerful soul." 

Italian Club 3, 4 Year Book Staff 

Various Committees 

We are all familiar with Jan's happy smile, pleasant disposition, 
and sparkling personality. She intends to enter college and 
study medical technology. With your fine attribute?. Jan, you 
are assured a happy college career and a successful future. 


"Young man with a horn." 

Band 1, 2 Orchestra 3, 4 

Stan is a carefree, easy-going fellow who seems to breeze his 
way through life. He is a talented musician and shall certainly 
be missed from the band after "55. Your optimism is unique, 
Stan. Never change, and the best to you always. 


"A good-natured, all-around fellow." 

Basketball 1 Track 2, 3: Captain 4 

Various Committees Cadets 2 

"Pickles" needs no introduction. His friendly attitude has 
made him popular with all his classmates. With his witty re- 
marks and gay laughter, he has brightened many a dasdrooa. 
Keep .imlmg, Jack. 


"I lave ike ir/c I hve." 

Cadets 2 

Doa wnl be remembered as a quiet fellow, but we are sure 
kit wind is occapwd by plans bound to bring boa success. His 
gener ou s nature is son: to help ban obtain and keep true friends. 
This abthty assure* you a nappy future, Don. 


"Like by aU mho hnom krm. 

Football 3. 4 Golf 3. 4 

Gene is a plucky boy who deserves a lot of credit.' Since 
breaking a leg in a footbal grr. he has been out of school- 
However. Gene is not put down that canny! He is al set to 
graduate w*b. us. Your perservcrence wnl serve yon in good 
stead in the future. Gene. 


"Always ready to laugh." 

Italian Club 3, 4 Senior Play Committee 

Year Book Staff Various Committees 

Pat is quiet; yet she loves a good time and a funny story. With 
her sense of humor, easy-going disposition, and a fine personality, 
she is sure to be a success. Best of luck, Pat, in all your future 


"A pretty girl is li^e a melody." 

Glee Club i 

Pretty, sweet and witty describe Jean perfectly. Her neat 
appearance, and wonderful personality have made her a friend 
to all at Tenney. Never lose your pleasant ways, Jean, and you 
can't help but succeed. 


"Lovely to loo\ atl delightful to \now." 

Glee Club 3 

And here is the second pretty twin! Joanie possesses, in 
addition to her good-looks, wit, charm, and friendliness. Who 
would have thought there could be two such all-around girls! 
May you achieve what you desire, Joan. 


"Sweet and lovely. " 

Senior Play Committee Year Book Staff 

Y-Teens 2 Glee Club 1 

Various Committees 

Carol is one of our prettiest seniors. Her sparkling smile and 
charming manner have won her many friends. Always keep your 
pleasant ways, Carol. 


"Amusement is as necessary to a man as labor." 

Basketball 1 Cadets 2; Officer 4 

Various Committees 

Norman is a neat and well-dressed lad who, through his will- 
ingness to lend a helping hand, has gathered a host of friends. 
He is characterized by his constant broad smile and fun-loving 
personality. May happiness and success be yours in the future. 


"Ready, trilling and able." 

Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Various Committees 

Joe is the handyman of our class. He is active in school 
activities and a valuable member of our fine band. Best of luck 
in your chosen profession, Joe 


"Li\ed by all who \now him." 

Bill is a quiet boy, but is a loyal, sincere friend to those who 

have earned his friendship. A hard-working student, he is 

certainly an asset to Tenney. Retain these fine qualities always, 

Bill, and future happiness will be yours. 


"Mischief sparkles in her eyes." 

Glee Club I, 3 Y-Teens 3 

Eleanor is known as a sociable, carefree girl, but can be serious 
when the occasion demands. She is a girl worth knowing and one 
with whom it is easy to get along. May your future be over- 
flowing with happiness, Ellie. 


"Always ready for a good time." 

Golf 2, 3, 4 Girls' and Boys" A. A. 3 

Senior Play Committee Orchestra 2, 3 

Cadies 2; Officer 4 

Mickey is one of Methuen High's best liked students — both 
by teachers and classmates. His quietness in school is deceiving, 
for out of class he is full of fun. The world needs people 
like you, Mickey. The best always! 


"Tall, dar\. and handsome." 

Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 

Baseball 3 Various Committees 

This handsome lad, the King of our class, is well-known, 
especially to the girls at M. H. S. A fine football player and 
a good sport, we are sure Bill will succeed in all he undertakes 
in the future. With the assets which he possesses it is inevitable. 


"Sincere and modest, success is for her." 

Glee Club 1, 3 Blue and White 4 

Year Book Staff Senior Play Committee 

Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 

"Dolly" is truly a friend worth knowing. Her pleasant manner 
and studious mind will help her on her way to success in 
her teaching career. Every happiness, "Dolly". 


"A penny for your thoughts." 

Cadets 2 Various Committees 

Honor Society 4 

Quiet, handsome, and studious describe Frank to a "T". He 
has the distinction of being one of the few boys in our class 
elected to the Honor Society. His earnestness of purpose is 
sure to bring his success in whatever he undertakes. 


"Full of vim and vigor." 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 2, 3 
Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4 
Cheerleaders 2, 3, 4; Captain 4 
Year Book Staff 
Various Committees 

Basketball 2 

Glee Club 3 

Blue and White 2 

Commencement Usherette 3 

Frannie's versatility is known to all. She has faithfully kept 
our class accounts for four years, and has greatly added to our 
enjoyment of school sports by her peppy cheering. However, her 
greatest success to date is that of making friends. 


"Silent, su>eet, and always neat." 

Senior Play Committee 

"Cal" is a quiet and genial classmate and also a terrific 
dancer. If you didn't see "Cal", you wouldn't know that she 
was around. She's on the ball though, and always ready to 
pitch in where needed. Best of luck to you in all your future 


"A person worth \nowing." 

Baseball 1, 3 Cadets 2 

Although Jim is one of the quieter members of our class, he 
is, nevertheless, very friendly, and does his work faithfully. His 
intelligence, sense of humor, and versatility will carry him a long 
way in life. Good luck in the future, Jim. 


"Light of heart, gay of spirit." 

Glee Club 3 

Claire is full of fun. Her lively sense of humor and her willing- 
ness to help have won her many friends. May success be yours 
in everything you ever attempt, Claire. 


"The longer vou \now him the better vou Ii^e htm." 
Football 4 Cadets 2, 3: Officer 4 

Various Committees Senior Play Committee 

Whenever a helping hand is needed, Fred is always available. 
Although he seems rather quiet, his friends will tell you to watch 
him when he gets going. We know he will have success in the 


"A-I is her trade mar\ true 
In temper and all else, too." 

Various Committees Blue and White 4 

Year Book Staff Girls' and Boys A. A. 3 

Senior Play Committee Honor Society 4 
Commencement Usherette 3 

Ruthie's charm, friendliness, and sense of humor have made her 
one of the best-liked members of our class. An honor student, 
she also rates high among the best-dressed. May you realize your 
every aspiration, Ruthie! 


"A sportsman to the finish." 

Baseball 1, 2, 3; Captain 4 Various Committees 

Italian Club, Vice President 4 

Phil is a friendly, fun-loving felow who works hard at his 
sport, baseball. His success is not confined to the diamond, how- 
ever, but is evident both in his school work and his many friends. 
May continued happiness be yours, Phil. 


"Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?" 

Cadet 2: Officer 4 Year Book Staff 

Senior Play Committee 

Ed is a major in our Cadet Corps, and a good one, too! He 
is popular and, need we say, likes the girls! His smile and pleasant 
manner have earned him this well-deserved popularity. You'll 
go far, Ed. 


"Happy as a lar\." 

Glee Club 3 Various Committees 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

"Honey" is a happy-go-lucky girl who takes things as they 
come. She is one of those girls who can always cheer us up. Her 
pleasing personality, we are sure, will bring her success in 
whatever she plans to do. 


Light of heart, gay of spirits." 

Honor Society 4 Magazine Drive Assistant Manager 4 

Senior Play Committee Various Committees 

A sweet smile and a pleasant word for everyone introduces 
Claire. A high honor student, her quiet and pleasing personality 
will always be remembered by her classmates. Her success in 
high school is indicative of what the future holds in store for 


"A girl of high ideals." 

Senior Play Blue and White 4 

Year Book Staff Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

Glee Club 1 Various Committees 

Although she has what appears to be a reserved manner, Sally 
certainly has many friends. Pleasant, sincere, and cooperative, 
she is a girl with ambition. May you realize your highest 
aspirations, Sally. 


"Begone, dull care, thou and I shall never agree." 

Football I, 2 Italian Club 3, 4 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

Al's carefree manner and ways are known to all. He always 
enjoys a good time and a good laugh. Best of luck in the future, 
Al, and may success be yours. 


"With a song in my heart." 

Glee Club 1, 3. 4 

Mary's happy laugh and pleasant smile have won her many 
friends. Her merry disposition and sense of humor make her 
fun to be with. Stay as you are Mary, and you will always be 


"Where to find his equal would be hard to tell." 

Track 2 Talent Show 2, 4 

Band 1, 2, 3: Student Conductor 4 Year Book Staff 

Senior Play Good Citizenship Award 2, 3 

Boys' State 3 Honor Society 4 
Various Committees 

Freddie's ability and ambition, together with his warm manner 
and sense of humor assure him success and happiness. His prowess 
as a musician and as a student is well-known at Tenney. We wish 
you every joy, Fred. 


"A merry heart ma\eth a cheerful countenance." 

Glee Club 3 Year Book Staff 

Honor Society 4 

Jackie is one of the peppiest members of our class. Her winning 
ways and pleasant smile have won her many friends. She also 
stands high scholastically. Always stay as nice as you are 


"A SPORT" at all times." 
"A Sport at all times." 

Football 1, 2, 3: Captain 4 Basketball 1, 2 

Track 2 Talent Show 2 

Glee Club 3: President 4 Various Committees 

"Chuck" piloted our football team to a successful season, 
proving himself a very able leader. At first glance, his quiet 
manner may fool you, but look again for he is full of fun. Good 
luck in all your ventures, "Chuck". 


"1/ women be there, there be I also." 

Cadets 2 Talent Show 3 

Senior Play Committee 

Walt is intelligent and has a fine sense of humor. There's 
never a dull moment when he's around, for his personality 
brightens even the most dreary day. He is seen, most of the 
time, talking to girls about math (so he says). Loads of luck 
to a fine boy. 


"Laugh and the world laughs with you. 
Giggle and Carol giggles more." 

Majorettes 3; Captain 4 Year Book Staff 

Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 Senior Play Committee 

Various Committees 

Carol has a charming personality, a sense of humor, and a 
talent for drawing. Her peppiness was shown in the fine way 
that she led our majorettes. You did a splendid job, Carol, and 
may you travel far on the road of success. 



w .~ 

i * 





"Happy and gay, from worry I'm free." 

Talent Show 2 Glee Club 1, 3, 4 

Cheerleader 1 Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

Blue eyes, a cheery smile, and a friendly attitude toward every- 
one characterize our Barb. She also proved to be quite an 
entertainer in the Talent Show. Lots of luck to a girl who deserves 
the best. 


"To be friendly is to have friends." 

Cadets 2, 3; Officer 4 Senior Play 

Year Book Staff Various Committees 

Don's ready smile and willingness to lend a hand have made 
him a number one asset to our class. His role in the senior play 
proved him a good actor: however his friendship is the real 
thing. Here's wishing you success, Don. 


"Wori[ conquers all." 

Blue and White 4 Year Book Staff 

Senior Play Committee Chairman Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 

Various Committees 

Marilyn is one of our more active senior girls, always rushing 
to and fro. Wherever there is work to be done you'll find her. 
She is just as active out of school as in; one of her favorite 
pastimes is flying. The very best in the future, "Mimi". 


"Where there be sports, there be I also." 

Glee Club 3 Blue and White 4 

Year Book Staff Girls' and Boys' A. A. 3 

Senior Play Committee Girls' Field Hockey 4 

Y-Teens 2 Various Committees 

Talent Show 4 

One of Methuen's most ardent basketball fans, Whitty is one 
of the friendliest and most fun-loving gals around school. Her 
happy chatter has won her a host of friends in her years at 
Methuen. Best of luck in your teaching career, Whitty. 


"Be natural, you're naturally nice." 

Glee Club L, 3, 4 Various Committees 

Y-Teens 2 Year Book Staff 

Senior Play Committee 

Jan may appear to be quiet, but look again! Once you get to 
know her, you'll find her full of fun. Jan is the proud possessor 
of a lovely voice. May you have the best of luck, "Irish . 


"j\eat and petite." 

Year Book Staff Girls" and Boys* A. A. 3 

Senior Play Committee Various Committees 


Barb's sweetness and adorable ways have made her one of the 
most liked girls at Tenney High. Her pleasantness well accounts 
for her numerous friends. We wish you the very best in aO you 
do, Barb, no one deserves it more. 


"Of tomorrow he worries not."* 

Cadets 2 

Paul is a light-hearted, easy-going boy and one of the real 
wits in the senior class. His optimism and good humor are 
bound to carry him successfully through life. 


"Friendly, true and considerate. 
To "fnoir this girl is a pleasant fate." 

Talent Show 4 

Barbara's friend-winning personality just attracts people to her. 
Whether you have known her for a long or brief period of time, 
you are sure of a true friend. Best of luck to you, Barbara. 


"Keep your sunny side up." 

Year Book Staff Italian Club 3, 4 

Senior Play Committee Various Committees 

One of our most cheerful seniors is "Toni". She would not 
enjoy life if there were no excitement. Let nothing dampen 
your spirits, and may success be yours. 


Basketball 1 

Eddie is a quiet boy, but, judging from the number of friends 
he possesses, more of us should have a quiet personality. If you 
keep up your hard work, and don't ever change your ways, there 
isn't a chance in the world that you won't succeed. 


"In silence many virtues hide." 

Glee Club 3 Senior P!ay Committee 

Year Book Staff Various Committees 

Although Barbara is one of our quieter girls, her friends say 
that hiding in her silence is a very pleasant personality. She 
is neat, attractive, and artistic. We wish success for you in all 
your undertakings. Barb. 


"A little wor){. a little play." 

Baseball 1 Senior Play Committee 

Hidden under his quiet appearance, one may be surprised to 
find such fun and clever wit. Jim's carefree attitude and genial 
nature have acquired countless friends for him. He will cer- 
tainly be a success in whatever position he holds in the future. 


"Earnest and diligent, success is his. ' 

Various Committees 

John has a big smile and a cheery word for everyone. He is 
energetic and conscientious, and we arc sure that success will 
be his in the future. 


"$,Utet and considerate." 

Although Ray is one of the quieter members of our class, his 
pleasing smile has won him many friends. M. H. S. needs more 
like you, Ray. We know you will succeed in all you undertake. 

1 9 5 5 

Cjlaiuation Hcncis 

l 9 5 5 



HONOR ESSAY Sandra Giles 






Class Dtzu 

Mildred Haykal 
_ Margaret Fox 
James Baker 

Eleanor DiLa vore 
Albert KoreUshn 

Jacqueline Veil 
Frank Savona 

Words: Eleanor DiLa vore 
Music: Mildred Haykal 


James Enus 

T H S 

President's Gddless 

Mr. Sturke, members of the School Com- 
mittee, teachers, parents, and students, it is my 
pleasure to welcome you to the Class Day exer- 
cises of the graduating class of 1955. 

We are indeed honored to have been a 
part of this well-organized school. Here we have 
learned much that will be most beneficial to us 
in the future. 

For two years we have functioned as one 
body working together toward an ultimate goal. 
Soon we shall become 140 individuals each seek- 
ing fortune in an insecure world whose future 
at present is precariously hanging in the balance. 

In the past our footsteps echoed through 
the halls of Tenney. However, in a few short 
days, these halls will no longer know our pres- 

Although our separation is a sorrowful 
event, we must strive for success so that we 
may some day provide others with the excel- 
lent opportunities we have received here. As 
we patiently work toward our goal may we 
always remember "He conquers who conquers 


19 5 5 

Class Olaiion 

"He conquers, who conquers himself" in the Latin is "Vincit qui 
se vincit". As we all know, this is our class motto, by which we have 
tried to live during our four years of high school, and which we hope 
will influence the rest of our lives. But how many of us really under- 
stand the significance of these words? No doubt, we all realize that 
in order for us to become successful men and women we must first 
know ourselves — our weak points as well as our capabilities. So it 
is of utmost importance that we be particularly frank and honest in 
screening our potentialities. After we have come to a truthful evaluation 
of our abilities, then we must resolve to conquer our weaknesses. 
Whether we are successful or not in doing so — that will be the 
true test of our achievement. All along the road of life there will 
be many obstacles to overcome and hardship to be endured. There 
will be hard knocks to challenge us and it is up to us to have the 
courage and determination to pick ourselves up after being knocked 
down, and then to go forward. This is easier said than done, but there 
are many things in life that are not easy. 

I would like to relate to you the inspiring story of one of the 
world's most courageous women, Helen Keller, who succeeded in con- 
quering herself and in so doing serves as a fine example to all mankind. 
Helen Keller was a blind and deaf girl, who when she was scarcely 
one year old, had been taken desperately ill. She was not expected to 
live, but when the fever finally left her, she slowly became well. It was 
some time before it was discovered that the sickness had left her in a 
dark, still room of life, where sights and sounds could never penetrate. 
What was there in life for a child so afflicted? 

This girl with her intensely active mind and a great desire for self- 
expression was obliged to drift through silent, shadowy days and weeks 
of childhood, unlike other children, knowing nothing but the dreary 
solitude to which she seemed doomed. Then almost as a gift from God, 
Miss Anne Sullivan, a patient and devoted teacher, was sent to her. 
Learning to conquer her blindness and her deafness was slow, and 
many times a frustrating process for Helen Keller, but gradually she 
progressed and began to read, to understand, and to be understood. 
Helen Keller was determined to be victor and not be vanquished. 

While she was still very young, she set for herself an almost 
impossible goal — college — and in October, 1896, she did enter the 
Cambridge Preparatory School to prepare for Radcliffe, the college she 
wished with all her heart and soul to attend. Now, there were years 
of hard, unceasing work with difficulties in them enough to discourage 
a normal girl with both sight and hearing. The strain of the work was 
very great ; however, undaunted by having to read examination papers 
in three kinds of Braille and other difficulties, Helen Keller took her 
final examinations and passed ! 

College! On an equal footing with girls who could see and hear! 
Here was a girl among girls — in spite of all her handicaps — in 
spite of days too dark to mention, she lived a story of such courage as 

T H S 

has rarely been equalled. To Helen Keller, dark days were only an 
incentive to overcome more obstacles. 

She once said, "I never fight — except against difficulties". In this 
statement lies the kernel of her real character. From the very first she 
was a fighter, but against enemies of no common kind — against handi- 
caps and obstacles. 

This is the story of Helen Keller, a girl learning to love and live 
and study and appreciate all that her starved nature cried out to under- 
stand and express — a promoter of the welfare of the blind, teacher 
and lecturer, noted for her accomplishments wherever her name is 
known. Talk about courage, about perseverance, about ambition, then 
speak the name of Anne Sullivan Macy's famous pupil, Helen Keller! 

Now fellow classmates, as the time of our departure draws near, 
let us resolve to follow for the rest of our lives the fine example of 
this great and courageous American woman. Remember that with the 
help of our Almighty Greater, we too can accomplish the seeming 
impossible, for "He conquers, who conquers himself". 


19 5 5 

Class Hidofak 

In a few days, we, the members of the class of 1955, will be 
alumni of Tenney High School. Behind us are memories of some of 
the most enjoyable years of our lives. 

On a bright September morning in 1952, we climbed Baptist Hill 
to become the last sophomore class of the Edward F. Searles High 
School. We were very proud to be there, but also looked up rather 
humbly to the upperclassmen. Everything was so confusing at first — 
especially the rotating schedule of the class periods. Gradually, we 
became accustomed to our new surroundings. 

After electing president, Paul Arold ; vice-president, Edward Spicer ; 
secretary. Helen Bamford; treasurer, Frances Schruender; and Student 
Council members Sheila Allard and Justine Jesser, we at last had the 
feeling that we belonged. 

Then came our memorable Sophomore Reception. After the grand 
march and entertainment, during which the Senior Class President of- 
ficially welcomed us, the lights went out in the middle of a storm. The 
excitement which followed made our reception quite different from any 

In February came the annual Talent Show. It was our first, and we 
were all proud of Fred Trickett, who represented our class very well, 
winning second prize. 

At Senior Chapel, held on the lawn in June, Mr. Skil lings announced 
the D.A.R. Good Citizenship Awards. Honored from our class, on the 
basis of outstanding character, good sportsmanship, cooperation, and 
scholarship, were Sandra Giles and Fred Trickett. 

Before we realized it, the year was over and we were leaving Searles, 
with its ivy-covered walls and established traditions, for a beautiful new 
high school. 

We were Juniors! Upperclassmen! We chose to lead our class, 
during the first year in our new school, president, Paul Arnold; vice- 
president. Andrew Laurin : secretary, Helen Bamford ; treasurer, Fran- 
ces Schruender; and to represent us on the Student Council, Sheila 
Allard, Peggy Fox, Sandra Giles, and Carole Hoyt, 

This time we were helping the Seniors give the Freshman-Sopho- 
more Reception, since there were two new classes in the high school. 

An election was held later in the year to fill a vacancy in the office 
of class secretary. Justine Jesser was elected. 

The first Talent Show in the new auditorium was held in February. 
Among those participating from our class were the "Valley Ramblers", 
Lennie Fmnegan, Bob Monfet, and Bob Carver, who stole the show — 
and first prize — with their guitars, and rendition of "Cool, Clear 

T H S 

That year at Senior Chapel, the Good Citizenship Awards went to 
Carole Hoyte and Fred Trickett. 

September! It hardly seemed possible that we had come so far 
in such a short time, but there we were — Seniors! A few weeks after 
school began, we elected president, James Enus; vice-president, Pete 
Huston; secretary, Mildred Haykal ; and for taking such good care of 
our money, we re-elected Frances Schruender. Phyllis Bunker joined 
Sheila, Peggy, Sandra, and Carole on the Student Council. 

The first Freshman Reception was held on October 29 in the gym, 
with President Enus doing the honors. 

Then came the chance for our more talented classmates to show 
their acting ability. After several weeks of rehearsing, intensive because 
of the early date of the Senior Play, the curtain rose on "Curtain Going 
Up." Under Mrs. Richardson's very capable coaching, the play was a 
success and received many favorable comments. The individual per- 
formances given during the evening indicated the presence of some 
Barrymores in our midst. Corrine Elston was outstanding in her por- 
trayal of Miss Burgess, one of the leading female characters. 

At an impressive ceremony in January, seventeen seniors and 
fifteen juniors were installed as charter members of the Methuen chap- 
ter of the National Honor Society. Seniors elected as officers were Betty 
Kinney, president; Eleanor DiLavore, secretary, and Mary Ann Bennett, 
treasurer. Miss Lange is faculty adviser of the chapter. 

A few weeks later, the annual magazine drive was on, but this 
year, all four classes participated to earn money for their respective 
treasuries. Marilyn Wardwell and Paul Wormald were the top sales- 
men in the Senior class. 

Danny Hajjar did a commendable job as Master of Ceremonies 
at the Talent Show in March. Although no prizes were awarded, each 
class was well represented with talent, and the sponsor of the show 
was that well-known breakfast cereal, "LOST". 

March also brought the forty-ninth annual Military Ball, for which 
the cadets had been practicing for weeks. The grand march was led 
by Cadet Colonel Robert Emmons and Marilyn Wardwell. 

Sandra Giles was elected to represent the school on Good Govern- 
ment Day at the State House in Boston. 

Work was started on our yearbook, and Robert Carter was elected 
editor-in-chief. Chosen to be assistant editors were Mildred Haykal 
and Eve Leoff. 

At an assembly in April, the honors for graduation and class day 
were announced : Eve Leoff, valedictorian ; Marie Max, salutatorian ; 
Sandra Giles, honor essayest; and Mildred Haykal, class orator. From 
the other honor graduates the class chose Jacqueline Viet and Frank 
Savona to write the class will; Peggy Fox, the class history; Eleanor 
DiLavore and Albert Korelishn, the class prophecy. 

To raise money for the Prom, the class sponsored a public whist 
party. In May came our Yearbook Dance, which was a girl-ask-boy 

19 5 5 

affair and appropriately called a "Twirp Twirl". The Band Dance fol- 
lowed, and once again . . . 

... it is June. At Senior Chapel, Mildred Haykal and Fred Trickett 
received the D.A.R Good Citizenship Awards. 

Our Senior Prom was an event to be remembered. The gym, beau- 
tifully decorated to provide a formal setting, showed evidence of the 
many hours that were devoted to planning the highlight of the Senior 
year. Several local organizations contributed time and money to aid 
us in making the affair a success. Following general dancing, we were 
escorted to a movie premiere. To complete the evening, we returned to 
the high school for a delicious supper and professional entertainment. 

On Sunday, June 12, Baccalaureate services were held in the First 
Church Congregational. Our caps and gowns were donned for the first 
time — the girls in white and the boys in blue. 

This is Class Day, and Graduation is but one step away. We look 
back with sadness, with the realization that our days in high school are 
at an end, but look ahead with anticipation to the future. Although each 
of us will go his own separate ways, the friends we have made, and 
the good times and hard work we have had while learning together, 
will never be forgotten. 

At Senior Chapel, Mildred Haykal and Fred Trickett received the 
D.A.R. Good Citizenship Awards. In recognition of their qualities of 
leadership, Sandra Giles and Peter Huston were presented with certi- 
ficates from the Danforth Foundation. 

This year, the American Legion awarded medals to the Senior girl 
and boy who most typify the qualities of honor, courage, scholarship, 
leadership, service, companionship and character. Sandra Giles and 
Robert Carter were the recipients of the medals. 


T H S 

Glass PicpLecij 

SETTING: Naval Base, South Weymouth, Mass. 
TIME: 1975. 

EVENT : The first launching of a rocket to the moon. 

Al : Oh, excuse me, Miss, if I bumped into you. It's so crowded 
here today, one can hardly move. Gee, you look so familiar! Did you 
graduate from Tenney High in 1955? 

Ellie : Why, yes, aren't you Albert Korelishn ? Remember Elea- 
nor DiLavore ? That's me ! 

Al : I thought I had seen you before ! I see you have come to 
see the excitement, too. Did you know that Ed Stanley is going to be 
the brave pilot of the rocket? 

Ellie : Yes, I read about it in your column of "The Pelham 
Chronicle" this morning. Ed is going to be assisted by Bob Emmons 
of co-pilot. Boy, what a pair! With those two working together, they'll 
surely reach the moon. 

Al : That's not all ! Listen to this scoop that I just picked up. 
Some of the engineers include Jack Hall, Frank Savona, and Walter 
Vignault. Also on board will be those noted scientists, Fred Trickett, 
Donald Walbridge, and Chuck Vemis. 

Ellie : I think I see a familiar spectator in the crowd. Why, it 
can't be ! Yes, I do believe it is Chris Demetrea. She has made quite 
a name for herself as a doctor at the "Happy Hearts and Hurry Home" 
Hospital founded by that wonderful team, Doctors James Enus and 
Peter Huston. Working there under the supervision of Peggy Fox, 
Registered Nurse, are the following nurses: Audrey Banks, Justine 
Jesser, Mary Ann Bennett, Maureen Donovan, and Cynthia Hunter. 

Al : By the way, I met Jerry Mambro last week. He told me that 
he is leading his own orchestra now and is featuring Bob Carter and his 
"cool" trumpet. He's playing at the "Morris" Club, where Pat has 
employed Kathy O'Brien and Marie Mercier as hat check girls. 

Ellie : Did you see the "Dave Ciardello Hour" last night on tele- 
vision ? 

Al: Yes, wasn't it wonderful! I see Janet Bentley and Janet 
Wilson are still singing that every popular ballad "Davy Crockett". 

Ellie: Why, There's Nancy Ciccarelli and her triplets! She 
married shortly after she entered Merrimack College. 

Al : Speaking of marriage, did you know that John Kilbane and 
Marilyn Keegan were married recently? 

Ellie : Well, it's about time ! Say, is it true that Ellen Foley. Gloria 
Galusso, Janice Brochu, Dot Grande, and Carol Moss are teachers at 
Tenney High School? 

Al: Yes, Danny Hajjar is the new principal, and Pat Korelishn 

is his private secretary. 

19 5 5 

Ellie: Well, that news, and that brings up the subject of news- 
papers. Corrine Elston has her own paper now. She certainly went to 
the top. Her reporters are Walter Andrews, Diane English, Connie 
McAndrew, and Pat Quinlan. Donald Popielarski edits the "Advice to 
the Lovelorn" column. 

Al : Why, in yesterday's issue I read that the "Andy Laurin Con- 
struction Company" just brought suit against Al Torrisi for running his 
oil truck into one of Andy's new houses. Al's attorney is John Pickles, 
who is fighting the case against Dick Morency. 

Ellie : That's surprising. Dick was always so quiet in school ! 

Al : Well, look who bought a hotel in town — Barbara Harrington, 
and she hired Milton Lebowitz, James Baker, and Billy Burby as 

Ellie : Yes, Eddie Fleming was just fired as manager, and Leo 
Chatis took over his position. 

Al: I hadn't heard, but I saw Clyde Demars, Gene Amiss, and 
Stanley Pelcza waiting on tables, and Alice Manning was the cigarette 
girl. By the way, are you still buying for Wilfred Kirkman's Depart- 
ment Store? 

Ellie ; No, as a matter of fact, I'm not. I just opened my own dress 
shop in town. Some of my lovely models are Irene Gentile, Shiela Allard, 
Jean Ratchtfe, and Carole Hoyt. Joan Buturlia, noted designer, creates 
most of the fashions. 

Al : I'll bet you have a successful enterprise. Look ! There's 
Bill Deming, Methuen's latest football coach, with Jack McDermott, 
professor at Wentworth College. 

Ellie: I met them at a luncheon held in honor of Sandra Giles, 
who is running for Governor of Massachusetts. Eve LeofF, Joyce Hil- 
bert, and Judy Lister were also there campaigning for Sandy. 

Al : Before I forget to tell you, Robert McAvoy has a taxi service 
in Lawrence. Carol Gebo, Pat Cyr, Carol Scott, Claire Scaff, and Eunice 
Starta are employed as drivers. Bob also employed Normand Rivard 
and Paul Wormald as his A-l mechanics. 

Ellie: I guess I'll take the bus home. Oh, look! There's Richard 
Aghoian and Arthur Arkelian at the radar controls in the tower. I 
haven't seen them since graduation. 

Al: Well, they certainly made good. Did you know that Roselie 
Angie, Connie DeMarco, Jackie Bonne, and Angie Catalano are secre- 
taries at the Frank Fay Liability Company. 

Ellie : Yes, I heard that Gene Poulin tried to collect for injuries, 
but when Mitch Saab, the adjuster for the company, investigated the 
case, he found that Gene's leg had been falsely put into a cast by a 
quack doctor, Bill Salois. 

Al : The last I heard, Janet Pauk, Jean Boynes, Irene Dalton, and 
Elaine Chengerian were working at the new medical laboratory in 
Methuen as medical technicians. The switchboard operators there are 
Claudette Bretton, Barbara Wlodyka, and Sonya Patenaude. 

T H S 

Ellie: I hear Annette Giordano, Jane Lerned, Bernadette Hamel, 
Janice Patterson, Barbara McGovern, and Lucille Mancini are tellers 
at the Kiver Co-operative Bank. James Holmes is the president, and 
Richard Keene and Ray Abel the managers. 

Al : Well, Bob always did have a head for figures. Is it true that 
he financed Marlene Zazarian's jewelry store? 

Ellie: Yes he did, and he also helped Gail Kellerher and Gloria 
Morency establish the "Drive-in Theater". 

Al : Why, isn't that Harley Freedman? I hear she has opened 
"The Foot Loose and Fancy Free Dancing School". 

Ellie: Right, and Joan Ratcliffe, Carol Rhodes, Barbara Waite, 
and Ruth Sokol are instructors there. 

Al : They sure must give their customers a rough time. By the 
way, do you know what Marie Max, Millie Haykal, and Betty Kinney 
are doing now? 

Ellie : Last I heard, they were in charge of the James Shirton 
Engineering Firm. 

Al : Come to think of it, if you happen to have a toothache, be 
sure to drop in to see Dr. Raymond Ruhmann. You may be one of the 
lucky ones to hit his special bargain — two teeth for the price of one. 
Lovely Jackie Veit assists Ray by holding hands with all the handsome 
male patients. 

Ellie : I'm sure she does her job with efficiency. Frannie Schruen- 
der, who has just been named as head coach of the All-American Girl's 
Basketball Team, stopped in my dress shop last week. She had just 
flown in from the coast via Frank Gellinas' Airline. A few of the 
hostesses working for Frank include Nancy Whittemore, Carol Voight, 
Connie Boucher, Phyllis Bunker, Shirley Charette and Barbara Gilchrist. 

Al : I spent yesterday afternoon in Bill Roeger's Turkish Bath. I 
met Joe Rizkallah and Fred Skaff working there. Art McAvoy's 
laundry supplies the spotless towels. Bob Monfet, John O'Wril, Lenny 
Finnegan, and Phil Spada are his drivers. 

Ellie : I stopped in at Tom Mosson's Beauty Salon last week to 
have my hair done. Tom, who is a male hair stylist, employs Marion 
Brown, Barbara Gagne, Eugene Santos, Eleanor Rumore, Sylvia Strovink, 
and Mary Traina as hair dressers. Marilyn Wardwell is his receptionist, 
and Claire St. Pierre and Ann Doyle are employed as manicurists. 

Al : Look, I think the rocket is about to take off ! I sure hope their 
trip is successful. 

Ellie: There it goes! Well, I guess I had better be going. It w£\s 

nice seeing you again. 

Al : The pleasure was mutual. Perhaps we'll meet again when the 
rocket returns. Bye. 

Ellie : Good-bye, Al. 

19 5 5 

eu Will 

We, the members of the Senior Class of Tenney High School, being 
of sound mind and body, do hereby make this last will and testament. 

We, the Seniors who occupied the table opposite the teachers' table 
in the cafeteria, leave with a greater knowledge of teachers and their 

I, Eve Leoff, leave Sandy Woronka my ability to dash into home 
room in the morning just as the last bell is ringing. 

We, the Editors of The Torch, Bob Carter, Eve Leoff and Millie 
Haykal, leave the printers of our yearbook a bottle of Bromo-Seltzer. 

I, Mary Ann Bennett, am leaving in too much of a hurry to leave 
anything to anybody. 

I, Jim Enus, leave my oil-stained parking spot to Bill DePardo on 
condition that he and I erect a well and dig for "our" oil one year from 
this day. 

We, Carol Rhodes and Shirley Charette, leave to the inheritors of 
Miss Brouder's Home Economics class a box of baking soda to be taken 

I, Eugenie Santos, happily leave my seats in Mr. Deschenes's 
classes to any Junior who wants them. 

I, Harley Freedman, leave my seat in Glee Club to another talka- 
tive first soprano with the fond hope that she can sing a clear high "G". 

We, Dot Grande, Gail Kelleher and Carole Hoyt, leave hoping that 
next year's basketball guards will be as successful as we were. 

I, Art McEvoy, hereby leave my job as class "disc jockey" to Wil- 
liam Johnson. 

We, Irene Dalton, Barbara Wlodyka, and Jackie Veit, leave, with 
no regrets, our seats in French class which we have occupied the last 
two years. 

I, Marie Max, leave to some deserving Junior the pleasure of serv- 
ing as chairman of the ceiling committee for the Military Ball decor- 

We, Danny Hajjar, Ed Stanley, Jim Holmes, Bud Kirkman, and 
John Hall, leave gladly. 

I, Justine Jesser, hereby leave to my sister Chris the ability to 
bother Mr. Hannigan. 

I, Fred Skaff, leave to any deserving pupil who has Miss Sherman 
for first year algebra, my job as "Book Cover Inspector". 

We, Rosalie Ange, Jackie Bohne, and Bernie Hamel, leave with 

I, Marie Mercier, leave my seat in Miss Southworth's room to any 
Junior girl who can giggle as loud as I did. 

We, Thomas Mosson and Norman Rivard, leave to Miss Lange peace 
of mind. 

I, Sylvia Strovink, leave to my sister my seat in "Pop's" room. 

We, the fifth period English of Miss Coulson, leave with the hope 
that Miss Coulson's class of "56" doesn't add to the grey hairs we have 
given her. 

T H S 

I, Donald Walbridge, hereby leave my "sleeping" seat in Mr. 
Deschene's algebra class. 

I, "Honey" Starta, leave Dick Gouvin to Hazel Cable. 

We, Gail Kelleher and Carole Hoyt, return our nickname of "Gold 
Dust Twins" to Mr. Melia to pass on to two deserving underclassmen. 

I, Janet Bentley. leave my seat in Miss Lange's fifth period hoping 
that some person will enjoy talking in that room as much as I did. 

We, Ed Stanley and Art McEvoy, hereby bequeath our ties and our 
girls to some deserving Juniors. 

I, Audrey Banks, leave my quiet ways to Sylvia Garabedian. 

We, Anne Doyle, Gloria Morency, Pat Korelishn, and Barbara 
Waite, leave our shorthand books to the Juniors. 

I, Mitchell Saab, leave to next year's golf captain a pair of socks 
with eighteen holes in them. 

We, the members of fifth period physics class, leave Mr. Vallerio 
peace of mind, at last. 

I, Barbara McGovern, leave my seat in study hall to my brother 
Billy with the hope that he will enjoy it as much is I did. 

We, the Seniors of fifth study, leave to Bill DePardo a box of 
toothpicks so that he will have plenty to munch on next year. 

I, Peggy Fox, leave to my cousin Margaret Fox three more years 
of high school, and hope that she will enjoy them as much as I did. 

We, the second period study, leave with the hope that next year's 
class hasn't as many gum chewers. 

I, Janice Patterson, leave to my Brother Billy all the homework 
he can do in a year. 

I, Frank Fay, leave my track uniform to some long-legged under- 

We, Joyce Hilbert and Sonya Patenaude, do hereby leave our gym 
lockers, which are rusty with non-use, to anyone who thinks he can 
open them. 

I, Carole Hoyt, leave my title of "Holder of the Money Bags" to the 
future Student Council Treasurer. 

We, Fred Trickett and Joe Rizkallah, leave to Marie Calobrisi and 
Joan Enus our places as first trombones in the band. 

I, Gail Kelleher, leave to Barbara Hajjar my wishes for a success- 
ful basketball season. 

We, Cindy Hunter and Harley Freedman, leave fifth period biology 
and sincerely advise all Sophomores not to wait until their Senior year 
to take this subject. 

I, Elaine Chengerian, will my ability to get caught talking in study 
hall to a deserving Junior. 

Bob Carter leaves all the milk cases in the cafeteria. 

We, the Seniors of Pop's fourth period study, leave our seats to less 
talkative and fun-loving underclassmen. 

I, Sheila Allard, leave my homeroom seat to Paul Arold, hoping he 
can stay in it more than I did. 

We, the librarians in first period study, leave our positions, hoping 
that our successors succeed in making the pupils in study hall laugh. 

19 5 5 

I, Dot Grande, do hereby bequeath to Charlene Thwaites two more 
glorious years of school. 

I, Lenny Finnegan, leave to a future hillbilly my favorite yodel. 

We, Walter Vignault, Frank Savona, Bill Roger, and Jim Shirton, 
leave our ties to anyone who will buy them. 

"Babe" O'Brien leave Dolores DiGloria. 

I, Albert Korelishn, leave my favorite parking place to Mr. Law. 

We, Judy Lister, Sandy Giles, Irene Gentile, Nancy Ciccarelli, and 
Pat Quinlan, leave the underclassmen to play moving seats with Mr. 

I, Irene Dalton, leave to my brother Billy all the wonderful times 
I have enjoyed in high school. 

We, Annette Giodano, Ellie DiLavore, Peggy Fox, and Claire SkafF, 
leave our noisy corner in fifth study to some quieter Juniors in the hope 
that Mr. Melia will enjoy the peace and quiet. 

I, Janet Wilson, leave to some deserving underclassman the ability 
to chew gum five periods a day without getting caught. 

We, the Seniors in first period advanced algebra and second period 
trigonometry leave Mr. Deschene to the underclassmen. 

I, Barbara Wlodyke, leave Miss Wright to anyone who can pass 
her tests. 

Eleanor Rumore leave to look for her lost weight. 

I, Danny Hajjar, leave to any fun-loving Junior my place on Mr. 
Vallerio's black list. 

I, Maureen Donovan, leave to Beverly Patch my apron which she 
will find in the supply closet of the Home Economics cooking room. 

We, the Senior girls at table three, leave our table and salt shaker 
to the Juniors at table four, hoping they will put them to as good use 
as we did. 

I, Cookie Mancini, leave my diploma to Marlene Gillespie ... in 


I, Nancy Whittemore, leave my end bleacher seat in the gym to 
some loyal Methuen High basketball fan. 

I, Wilfred Kirkman, Jr., leave to some lucky Junior all my "A's". 

I, Sonya Patenaude, do hereby leave to Jimmy Valentino one 
genuine Flash Gordon Atomic Telescope in hopes that he will find more 
information to report. 

I, Marion Brown, leave to some future Senior in Miss McDermott's 
third year French class "Arsene Lupin". 

I, Janet Pauk, leave to my sister Margery four happy years in high 
school, in hopes that she will enjoy them as much as I did. 

W,e, the girls in Miss Allen's second period English class, leave 
the Juniors a fund of animal stories in hopes that they will receive 

I, Carol Voigt, do hereby leave to a deserving majorette my position 
as head majorette. 

I, Jean Boynes, leave my cafeteria money box to Dorrie Budd in 
hopes that she will have her share of troubles. 

Al Torrisi leaves his tire marks in the parking area. 

T H S 

I, Phyllis Bunker, leave to some Junior my ability never to stop 

1, Shirley Charette, leave my chewing gum under the seat. 
I, James Baker, leave to a certain Junior all my compositions and 
book reports that I wrote in my Senior year. 

I, Janet Lerned, leave to all cold-blooded Juniors my first period 

gym class. 

We, Joan Buturlia and Connie DeMarco, leave our seats in the 
study hall to anyone who can make Mr. Nicholson as upset as we did. 

I, Joyce Hilbert, do hereby leave my appetite for the delicious hot 

We, Connie McAndrew and Irene Dalton, leave our cash registers 
to deserving underclassmen in the hopes that the patrons of the cafe- 
teria do not rattle them as much as we did us. 

I, Marion Keegan, leave all the fun I had to a future Senior. 

1, Alice Manning, leave to my baby sister the bottle in locker 783. 

1, John O'Wril, bequeath the spirit of the Braves to Jack Wagen- 

I, Frances Schruender, leave Mr. Deschene with a very confused 

I, Betty Kinney, leave to "Tut" my position as president of the 
Honor Society. 

We, Janice Patterson, Janet Pauk, and Barbara McGovern, leave 
our chemistry lockers to some deserving Junior or Senior in hopes that 
they will keep them as "clean" as we did. 

I, Jackie Bohne, leave to Helen Krikorian my gym locker, which I 

never used. 

We, Jean Ratcliffe, Joan Ratcliffe, and Cookie Mancini, leave Miss 
Coulson with no regrets. 

I, Rosalie Ange, leave my locker to anyone who can open it. I 
never could. 

I, Connie Boucher, gladly leave my rocky seat in study hall to 
some unsuspecting Junior. 

We, Sandra Giles, Carole Hoyt, Peggy Fox, Sheila Allard, and 
Phyllis Bunker, leave Mr. Law and room 314 with much regret to next 
year's Student Council. 

We, Jacquelyn Veit and Frank Savona, leave to two deserving 
Juniors the honor of writing the class will. 

We, the members of the Senior Class, leave behind us our four years 
of high school education, which were probably the most important of 
our life. We leave to all our underclassmen our fine school teachers, 
who will undoubtedlv help them toward bigger and brighter things in 

Signed and witnessed this 11th day of June, 1955, as 
the Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1955 




President .lames Enus 

Vice President Peter Huston 

Treasurer Frances Schruender 
Secretary— Mildred Haykal 

Back Row: C. Thwaites, S. Nolet, M. Dietrich, R. Bassett, Mr. A. Law, Adviser, J. White, S. Ricci, A. Nassar 

Front Row: P. Bunker, M. Fox, Rec. Sec'y: C. Hoyt, Treas. ; S. Giles, Pres.; B. Perry, Corresp. Sec'y 
S. Allard, S. Skop. 

The Student Council, consisting of fifteen members from the four 
classes, can well he proud of the record they leave behind them. President 
Sandra Giles proved more than worthy of the position accorded her. Mr. 
Alfred X. Law, spending his first year as council adviser, did much to en- 
courage the students in their work. They began their year by establish- 
ing the Point System. This gave way to the successful plans for their 
annual Barn Dance. The were instrumental in forming the Honor So- 
ciety and also made arrangements for the Student Exchange Program. 
A Speaker's Bureau, consisting of five Student Council members, spoke 
at various organizations throughout the town to improve public relations 
between the school and the townspeople. Two conventions were attended 
by the members of the council. 

The council had the distinct honor of presenting a new flag, which 
was donated by an anonymous benefactor, to Mr. Beaumont, principal of 
the school. A profitable sum of money was added to the treasury through 
the stile of book covers, introduced into the school by the council mem- 
bers. For the first time the Student Council published an annual report, 
informing the student body of this year's achievements. These are just a 
few of the successes which are evident of their ardent endeavors through- 
out the school year. 

Third Row: J. Mc Andrew, E. Claus, J. Bonaccorsi, J. Enus, A. Tutunjian, F. Tetler, B. Hajjar, R. Schadlick, 
F. Trickett. Second Row: M. Fox. M. Max, C. Hurlbutt, C. St. Pierre, J. Veit, B. Fink, L. Rooks, C. Stro- 
vink, J. Lister, S. Skop, J. Ricci, M. Haykal, E. Leoff, C. Elston. First Row: E. Sorenson, M. Nassar, E. Di- 
Lavore, M. Bennett, J. Boynes, Miss Lange, sponsor, Mr. Beaumont, principal; S. Giles, B. Kinney, R. Sokol. 

Membership in this Society is the highest honor a high school student 
can attain. Its purpose is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate 
a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character in 
our students. 

Mary Ann Bennett, Treasurer 

Betty Kinney, President 
Ara Tutunjian, Vice President 
Eleanore DiLavore, Secretary 

Miss Martha D. Lange accepts charter 

Slue and WLite 

Through the combined efforts of the entire staff, under the direction 
of the co-editors, Corinne Elston and Marie Max and the faculty adviser, 
Mr. Deschenes, the Blue and White has conveyed to the entire student 
body many interesting articles, and much news about school happenings. 
The staff succeeded in making many improvements in the magazine. 

The following students served as the staff of our school publication: 
Co-editors, Corinne Elston, Marie Max; Literary Column, Eve Leoff; 
Girls' Athletics, Martha Dietrich, Sheila Allard, Nancy Whittemore; 
Hoys' Athletics, Peter Huston, Dorothy Grande, Neil Eichhorn; Profiles, 
Mildred Haykal Peggy Eox, Elaine Chengerian; Exchanges, Patricia 
Morris, Betty Kinney, Margaret Hausler; What's New, Pamela Ford, Judy 
Lister. Mary Jane Xassar; Chit Chat, Irene Dalton, Constance McAndrew, 
Barbara Fink; Alumni, Lois Books, Eugenia Santos, Jean Bovnes; Nosey 
Nook, Eleanor DiLavore, Sylvia Strovink, Joan Met/.ner; Blue & Wit, 
Gail Kelleher, Ruth Sokol, Man.- Ann Bennett; Photography, John Hall; 
Business Managers, Harley Frecdman, Pat Dowd, Marilyn Wardwell, 
Milton Lebowitz; Faculty Adviser, Mr. Maurice J. Deschenes. 

Robert Bassett, Brenda Perry, Sandra Giles 
Sheila Allard, James Enus 

^tubent QoOeinment Zxcltanqe Committee 

On January 1 1, the student body of Tenney High School elected four 
representatives to the Student Government Exchange Hoard. This board, 
along with many others throughout Massachusetts, participated in a 
statewide program sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Ed- 

On March 7, the Committee spent the day in Xewburyport, studying 
that city's form of government. After visiting classes at the high school 
in the morning and eating in the school cafeteria, the group and their ad- 
viser, Mr. Alfred X. Law, were taken on a tour of the city's industrial 
plants. Hollowing dinner, the students attended a meeting of the Xew- 
buryport city council and learned much about city government. 

When the exchange committee from Xewburyport came to Mcthuen 
March Hi to study our form of government, the group toured our school, 
visited classes, and was taken to places of historical interest throughout 
the town. To complete the study, the students attended the annual town 
meeting in the evening. Each member of the visiting committee was 
given an exchange package containing the town history, a copy of the 
"Blue and White," and pictures of the town. 

The purpose of this program, which was carried out in Methuen for 
the first lime this year, is "to enrich knowledge of town and city govern- 
ment in Massachusetts; to gain greater appreciation of those who render 
competent, faithful public service; and to encourage pupils' pride in their 
local community." 

T/ie Qlee Club 

The Glee Club, now in its second year, has been working diligemtly 
under the direction of Mr. Edward Comtois. All of its seventy-five mem- 
bers are interested in music and enjoy singing patriotic and secular music 
as well as country and popular selections. This group performed at our 
Christmas program where a patriotic number and a lively spiritual were 
very well received. The Glee Club also participated in a radio show which 
was broadcast from our high school. This program, "For Your Approv- 
al," was presented over Station WGCM on January 28, 1955. Plans are 
now being made for the Glee Club to take part in a musical festival at 
Beverly on May 7th. 

Rear: Gerard Mambro, William Burby 
Front: Charles Vernis, Patricia Morris 

Tenfieij High, ^eliool Qavib 

We have been very fortunate this year as in the past to have had such 
a fine high school band. You can always count on a fine showing from 
this hand under the leadership of Mr. Harold McDonnell. In past years 
the hands have shown themselves capable of taking high honors in con«- 
claves. Last year at Lexington our hand was recommended for first 
place in B group. This year was no exception. Once again the Tenney 
High Band walked away with high honors. The hand is always heard at 
rallies, football games and assemblies, showing their versatility in play- 
ing marches, popular, and classical pieces. 

Harold L. McDonnell, Instructor and Conductor 
Frederick Trickett, Student Conductor 


Frederick Trickett 
Joseph Rizkallah 
Marie Calobrisi 
Thomas Mosson 
Joan Enus 
Joseph Sobel 


Robert Drew 
William Sharpe 


John Clinton 
French Horns 

Irene Dalton 
Janet Fitzpatrick 


Bruce Deardon 
Ronald Contarino 
Albert DePetrillo 
Robert Fenton 
Judith Allen 
Robert VanAnnan 
George Driscoll 
Fiancis Mosson 
John Lawrence 
Robert Lima 
John Rizkallah 
Frank Bonanno 
Charles DePietro 
William Dalton 
Robert Doyle 
Ronald Kirkman 


John Taylor 
Gerald Banks 
Betty Kinney 
Kenneth Deming 
Thomas Wilczynski 
Anthony DeFruscio 
Phyllis Duncan 

Rene de Lathauwer 

Joseph Bonaccorsi 
Mchael Fereara 
Richard Koebrick 
Carol Kellerer 
Raymond Viglione 

Raymond Conterelli 
Robert Weirnick 
Robert Kennedy 
Beatrice Rajotte 
Arlene Kahn 
Frank Loffredo 
Eugene Amiss 
Frederick Ferlito 
Carolyn Wood 


Robert Mahoney 
Charles Sweet 
Collette Hoffman 
Byron McCarthy 
John McAndrew 

T/t£ OlcLedla 

Our orchestra is only in its second year of existence, the high school 
having heen without one for many years previously. Its small member- 
ship may have detracted somewhat from its glory, but it has not in the 
least altered the faithfulness of its members in rehearsing. Their ability 
was proved when the orchestra performed for the radio program which 
was broadcast from our school. We hope that our school will continue 
to produce orchestras just as fine in the years to come. 

The orchestra personnel — 1st Violins: Sandra Seglin, John Byrne, 
Gregory Johnson. 2nd Violins: Ruth Ann Habeeb, Mary Lou King, Caro- 
line Mathews, James McMorrow. Clarinet: Marie Drouin. Horn: Stanley 
Pelczar. Trumpet: Robert Carter. Piano: Brenda March, Grace Torrisi, 
Phyllis Szelest. Mrs. Hazel Hadfield, Director. 

Italian Glub 

The Italian Club consisted solely of students studying the second year 
of this foreign language. Meetings were conducted every second week, 
and a musical program usually followed the husiness program. A Winter 
Social was held on February 9th, 111.15 at the Rendez-vous Restaurant, 
where an Italian supper was served. Music for the general dancing was 
supplied by students' records. The club plans its sixth annual excursion 
to Boston, which will terminate the year's activities, and will he held on 
June 1, 1955. Also, an Italian style supper will he enjoyed by those who 
attend the excursion. 

The officers of the Italian Club are- Alfred Torrisi, president; Philip 
Spada, vice-president; Dorothy Grande, secretary; Harley Freedman, 
treasurer. The club is under the supervision of Mr. William Piccerillo. 

Colonel Robert Emmons Captain Wilfred Kirkman 

Lt. Colonel Norman Rivard Captain Frederick Skaff 

Major Arthur McEvoy Lieutenant William Deming 

Major Edward Stanley Lieutenant Robert Scholz 

Major Milton Lebowitz Lieutenant Mitchell Saab 

Major Leonard Finnegan Lieutenant Abert (iuay 

Major Donald Walbridge 

Batallioo Instructor Captain Donald F. Smith, U.S.A.R. 

Class Statistics 

Class Queen Carole Hoyt 

Class King William Salois 

Class Jester Gerard Mambro 

Student who has done the most for our school Sandra (dies 

Girl most likely to succeed Marie Max 

Boy most likely to succeed Frederick Trickett 

Most popular girl and hoy Sheila Allard, James Enus 

Neatest girl and hoy Jean Boynes, Richard Morency 

Most ambitious girl and boy Mildred Haykal, Frederick Trickett 

Most sociable girl and boy Margaret Fox, James Enus 

Most athletic girl and boy Gail Kelleher, Charles Yernis 

Most serious student Betty Kinney 

Most carefree student Ellen Foley 

Most courteous student Robert Carter 

Master of sarcasm Kathleen O'Brien 

Most bashful girl and boy Audrey Banks, Frank Savona 

Most talkative girl and boy Carol Moss, John Pickles 

Class Einstein i Frederick Trickett 

Class Sheik John Hall 

Class slowpoke Carol Rhodes 

Class busiest Sandra Giles 

Class Giggler Justine .lesser 

Class sleepiest . John McDermott 

Class peppiest Alice Manning 

Class happiest Justine Jesser 

Class baby face Robert Kiver 

Class flirt Patricia Morris 

Class hero T t Peter Huston 

Class gigolo : James Enus 

Class Mutt and Jeff Robert Carter, Robert Monfet 

Class walking dictionary Eve Leoff 

Class dancer Harley Freedman 

Class sweetest girl Eleanor DiLavore 

Class brute _ Charles Vernis 

Class artist Joan Burtulia 

Class musician Gerard Mambro 

Class actress Christine Demetrea 

Class actor -•- , Daniel Hajjar 

Class favorite teacher Mr. Elwell 

Class favorite subject Lunch 

Back: B. Patch, S. Clifford, A. Davis, S. Cavenaugh, E. Ianalffo, B. Brainard. 
Front: J. Ball, C. McAndrew, J. McAndrew, C. Voight (cap.t.,) P. Dowd, J. Thomp- 

If you've seen a high stepping group strutting in front of the Tenney 
High School band, you can he sure they were the majorettes of '55. Led 
by their captain, Carol Voigt, they performed with skill and ease during 
the football halves. They also were observed proudly marching in sev- 
eral festive parades. A big round of applause goes to you, girls, and 
also to your instructor, Miss Dorothy Chad wick. 

son, R. Contarino. 

First Row: Salois, Poulin, W. Deming, Huston, Vernis (capt.) Chatis, F. Tetler, Towne, Wilson. Donovan. 
Second Row: Ass't Coach Wclfendale, R. Tetler, Pringle, Koscielniak, Wainwright, Weinhold, Arold (capt.- 
elect,) Qualters, Defusco, Skaff, K. Deming, Sanguedolce, Coach Sheehan. 

Third Row: Mahoney, Wagenbach, Fisicelli, Waite, Ficcerallo, Morse, Tkach, Gialongo, Mercier. 


Although the football team did not break into the win column too 
often this season, their spirit and sportsmanship at all times made them 
a true credit to our school. As it turned out, our team was scheduled to 
play against much stronger and larger teams; nevertheless, the boys were 
in there fighting all the way. Captain "Chuck" Vernis was a capable lead- 
er, as he encouraged his teammates by his fine example of spirit and ball 
playing. Coach "Dixie" Sheehan was ably assisted by Ralph Wolfendale, 
who did a good job in handling the line. The Andrew Haldane Memorial 
Trophy was awarded to a most deserving senior, Peter Huston, for his 
outstanding athletic performance, sportsmanship, and citizenship. 

For the first time this year, the team chose 
a "Football Queen." The lucky recipient of this 
honor was Sheila Allard. Chuck crowned Sheila 
at the Punchard rally in the auditorium. The 
Queen, as she marched in front of the band, 
majorettes, and cheerleaders the day of the 
Punchard game, was the pride of Tenney High. 

Back: S. Skop, B. Alacrese, E. Esperian, D. Maguire. S. Seglin, P. Deluca, B. Aubert, B. Puzniak, J. Allen 
E. Corne l, 1. Deandrus, B. Kennedy, L. Croteau, L. Rocks, P. Brett, A. Middlemiss, O. Nassar, S. Ricci 
Dorc^hy Chadwick (coach.) 

Front: C. Licata, C. Lorenze, U. Stundze, M. Dietrich, P. Dowd, V. Levielle, J. Ricci, C. Strovink, F. Foster 
N. Whittemore. 

QkU' "field Hockey 

Field Hockey was successfully introduced into the girls' sports pro- 
gram at Tenney High School this fall. The enthusiasm shown for this 
new sport was excellent. However, because the varsity team was formed 
so late in the season, there was only opportunity for two games to he 
played with other schools and both of them were played away from home. 
With the greater part of the varsity squad returning in the fall, Coach 
Chadwick is assured a successful season next year. At an assembly be- 
fore the entire student body, Mr. Beaumont presented twelve members of 
the squad with their varsity letters. 

Front: Hughes, Ward, Fay, Pickles, Aghoian, Leger, Wilson. 

Back: Coach Hannigan, Kay, Weirnick, Navaris, Weinhold, Tillberg, Rimas, Sobel, Piccerillo, K. Wil; 

The track team was recently called out, and an impressive group 
showed up for first practice. Among the turnout were four seniors, 
Frank Fay, Jack Pickles, Richard Aghoian, and Mitchell Saab. Under the 
leadership of captain Jack Pickles the team is hoping for a successful 

The returning lettermen are Frank Fay, Jack Pickles and Jack Ri- 
nuis. Captain Pickles is in the mile and high jump events; Fay is a mile 
and broad jump man; Aghoian, a new man to the team, is a shot-put, 
100 yard dash, and broad jump man; while Saab, also a new man, is out 
for the 100 yard dash and shot-put. 

Kneeling: J. Sobel, R. Kirkman (capt.,) Poulin 
Standing: R. DiCenzo, G. Max, E. Sobel, D. Perry, T. DiFruscio 

Methuen High's 1955 golf team is the most promising team we have 
had in a long time. The team is captained by veteran Ronald Kirkman, 
who is present Caddy Champion of the Merrimack Valley Country Club. 
The team was recently augmented by the return of veteran golfers George 
Max and Eugene Poulin. Other promising members of the team are 
Eddie Sobel, Bob DeCenzo and Danny Perry. The two young experience- 
seeking alternates are Joe Sobel and Tony DeEuscio. 

The Tenney High golf team is playing a tough schedule, but they are 
sure to make a good showing in every match. 

Front: Reich, Weinhold, Tutunjian, Tardie (capt.,) Leger, Patterson, P. DiCenz(), Wagenbach. 
Back: Coach Barry, Breton, B. Drew, Rimas, Nadeau, Valcourt, Graham, Donavan, Eichorn, (mgr.) 

@6\js' Saskethall 

The basketball picture at Tenncy High ap- 
peared none too bright this past fall. There were 
only a few players on the squad with varsity ex- 
perience. Hut strenuous practice sessions under 
the guidance of Coach Harry soon had the team 
functioning well. During the season our team 
provided many exciting games where individual 
and team play were outstanding. The regular 
season's record stands at 16-7. For the second 
year in a row the Tenncy quintet qualified for 
play in the "Tech Tourney Prelims." The im- 
mediate basketball picture of Tenncy is bright, 
because the entire squad will return in the fall. 

First Rcw: Barnat, Seglin, Licata, J. Darlington, Dowd, Marshman, TKwaites. 
Second Row: Allard (mgr.,) Hoyt, Welch, Kelleher (capt.,) V. Laveille, H. Darlington, Grande, Slater. 

Third Row: Lister, Dietrich, B. Hajjar, Miss Chadwick, (coach;) Watkins, L. Hajjar ( capt. -elect) C. Strovink, 

The girls' basketball team, led by Gail Kelleher and coached by Miss 
Dorothy Chadwick ended the season with a record of eight wins and one 
defeat. With Marty Dietrich cutting fast for lay-up shots and jumping 
high for the rebounds, Val Laveille and Bev Welsh divided the pleasures 
of sharp-shooting. C. Thwaites' promising ability in passing revealed a 
great display of team-work. On the opposite end of the court, the guards 
did an equally good job, keeping the opposing forwards on the move. 
Barbara Hajjar excelled in controlling the backboard, while "little" Dot 
Grande gave even the tallest forwards a rough time. Gail Kelleher, caj> 
tain of the team, deserves congratulations for leadership and great assist- 
ance in guarding and rebounding. Credit is due to J. Lister, C. Hoyt, C. 
Strovink and I). Havgalia who served as alternates. Well deserving cap- 
tain elect, Barbara Hajjar, will have the entire team with the exception of 
only four seniors to work with for an equally successful season next year. 

B. Briggs. 

Kneeling: C. Sweet, P. Arold, J. Tardie, H. Wainwright, P. Spada (capt.,) A. Laurin, C. Vernis, W. Dem- 
ing, R. Bretton. 

Standing: Coach Barry, S. Amanachian, P. DiCenco, L. Waite, J. Rizkallah, R. Drew, R. Bouchard, D. Clark, 
R. Simonean, H. Ralph, (mgr.) 

The 15);");") baseball team was eager to get ofT to an early start in 
spring training under the direction of Coach Harry. Greatly encouraged 
by the success of last season they are out to improve their record. 

Captain Phil Spada and his Rangers hope to make 1955 a memorable 
season by winning the Merrimac Valley Championship a s they did in 
the 1954 season. 

In the games they have shown flexibility and cooperation. Many 
thrilling games were the result of their combined ability. 


A. J. Richardson Agency 
White Rose Laundry 
R. J. Macartney & Sons 

Singer Sewing Machinery 

Fazio's Beauty Salon 
Arlington Trust Company 
Mahoney's Pharmacy 
East End Community Club 

S. Nazarian, Jeweler 
Treat Hardware Corp. 
Nick's Candy Store 
Kelly's Grill 
Henry Son's Market 
Thwaites Market 
Schruender's Milk 
The Valley Ramblers 
Brown Derby 
Carroll's Cosmetics 
Taylor Shop 

Methuen National Bank 
Broadway Savings Bank 
Community Savings Bank 
Essex Savings Bank 
The Dow Co. 
Murphy's Diner 
Spieler's Market 
Fairview Club 

Lamey Wellehan Shoe Store 
Skaff's Refrigeration Service 
Whitworth's Sporting Goods 
Finnegan's Amoco Gas Station 
Blue Bonnet Bakery & Restaurant 
Lawrence Savings Bank 
Cherry & Webb 

Chester W. Hilbert— Plumbing & Heating 
Central Cafe 

E. J. Rothwell Bakery 
Hamel & Force Inc. 
Tenney Teens 

Merrimack Park Drive-in Theatre 

Senior Jugs 

Coco's Auto Sales 

William's I. G. A. Market 

Dad & the Boys Service Station 

Garafolo Building & Wrecking 

Jim's Place, Fred Breekey, Manager 

Storkline of Mass., Inc. 

Italian Club 

University Cap & Gown Co. 
Merrimack Printing Company 
Concord Photo-Engraving Co. 
Charles Studio 
The Langlois Oil Co. 
Brown Bros. Market 

F. X. Robichaud Hardware 
Marum's Retail Store 
Merrimack Jewelry Co. 



Spence Hardware 

Swan & Dobson Floral Co. 

Korbey's Gulf Service Station 

Cameracraft Shop Inc. 

Raymond T. Smith, Florist 

The Soucy Press 

Brain Inc. 

Koza's Kozy Place 

T. J. Buckley 

Mr. and Mrs Ben Freedman 
Mr. and Mrs. Keegan 
Mr. Leonard F. Finnegan 
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Torrisi 
Mr. and Mis. William J. Hoyt 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Giles 
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Haykal 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sokol 
Mr. and Mrs. Manual Santos 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Waite 
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Carter 
Mrs. Raymond R. Kinney 
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Enus 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Currier 
Mr. and Mrs. John Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. Herman G. Max 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Allard 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Lerned 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Strovink Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Willis H. Whittemore 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Donovan 

Mr. and Mrs. William Dalton 

Mr. and Mis. Leon L. Huston 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Earl Lister 

Principal and Mrs. L'rville J. Beaumont 

Mrs. Broadbent 

Miss Agnes McDermott 

Miss Margaret McDermott 

Mr. and Mrs. John McAndrew 

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie G. Roynes 

Miss Coulson 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Kirkman 

Mr. and Mrs. John Enus 

Miss Smith 

Miss Southworth 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Leoff 

Mr. Dechenes 

Miss Rose Danielian 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Elston 


Merrimack Printing Company 
New Hampshire Bindery 
Concord Photo Engraving Co.